There will be a member meeting at the Franktown fire station on September 26th at 7pm. Please look for an agenda to be sent out prior to the meeting time. Station 181 at 1959 North State Highway 83    … Read More

  The budget meeting for 2017 will be at 6:30pm on Wednesday 26 April at the Franktown Firestation.   The primary purpose of the meeting is to discuss and approve the 2017 budget, but other topics may be brought up.  An updated agenda will be posted here before the meeting.… Read More

The Preserve at Deerfield HOA will hold its annual member meeting in early February 2017. We are tentatively scheduling the meeting for February 2 at 7pm.  The date and time will be confirmed or revised based on room availability. We will be electing new board members at that time.  Other agenda items will be sent… Read More

The meeting will be held on January 27th at the Franktown Fire Station starting at 6:30pm Attached are the agenda, proposed 2016 budget, and proposed 2016 special assessment. January 2016 HOA Meeting Agenda Preserve at Deerfield 2016 Proposed Budget Preserve at Deerfield 2016 Proposed Special Assessment   Meeting Minutes January 27 HOA Meeting Minutes  … Read More

Nov 2015 meeting minutes 2016 Executive Board Bryan Willis              President George Wehner       Vice President Nikita Utkin              Vice President   Robert Thomas will perform the Treasurer duties David Ziller will manage the gate codes… Read More

The 2015 annual member meeting will be held on Tuesday November 10th at the Franktown Fire Station starting at 6:30 pm. The meeting agenda consists of the following items Welcome new members Vote on an annual road maintenance assessment (continuation from previous meeting) State of the HOA, including financial report Election of the 2016 board  … Read More

Removal of voting rights for mortgage holders Removal of all references to declarant control Removal of requirement for fences to be white Inclusion of email as a means of notifying members of upcoming meetings Replace the term “basement” with “any space wholly or partially below grade” Road Reserve fund (continuation from previous meeting) Trash pickup… Read More