Thanks to Jerry Bisgard for providing the following information. For those of you with questions about well permits, water rights, etc. please contact… Sarah Brucker Division of Water Resources 1313 Sherman st Suite 818 Denver, CO 80203 303 866 3581 Additionally, I found this document on the Division of Water Resources web page Guide to… Read More

Now that the website has been updated, here are the back logged meeting minutes.… Read More

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There will be a member meeting at the Franktown fire station on September 26th at 7pm. Please look for an agenda to be sent out prior to the meeting time. Station 181 at 1959 North State Highway 83    … Read More

  The budget meeting for 2017 will be at 6:30pm on Wednesday 26 April at the Franktown Firestation.   The primary purpose of the meeting is to discuss and approve¬†the 2017 budget, but other topics may be brought up. ¬†An updated agenda will be posted here before the meeting.… Read More